Thursday, June 21, 2007

Will Uptrend Continue?

Straits Time3628.67-0.88(-0.02%)
SENSEX 14411.95+116.45(+0.81%)
UOB Sesdaq 255.74+2.18(+0.86%)
KLSE Comp 1386.27+9.48(+0.69%)
Nikkei 225 18211.68+48.07(+0.26%)
Hang Seng 21684.67+101.78(+0.47%)
Dow Jones 13638.35+2.93(+0.02%)
KOSPI 1783.79-24.06(-1.33%)
SSEC 4181.32-88.20(-2.07%)

The answer to the subject is a definite yes. Because global market are taking strides towards new heights and to uncharted region. Well, its sad to see some analysts unable to back their forecast that the market is moving towards the end of it's uptrend wave. STI did well although closed slightly in red. Uptrend intact but movement limited, no rally of more than 50 to 100 points for these few days unless a correction of around 30 points took place. Market has to digest these gains.

Pennies in the scope, Oculus seems to have revived its interest. Too bad sold early this morning at $0.310 for all 8 lots. Sold 8 lots Couragemarine at $0.345 and 5 lots of Yangzijiang at $2.04 before ending at $2.03. Recycling play for Yangzijiang as any price below $2.00 presents a unique buying opportunity. This stock is vested by big buyers like fund institutions. Take a closer look now. For the past week of contra play, a capital increased by $2300. On hand is 8 lots of Jade bought at $0.190 on recycling play and 8 lots of Koh Bros at $0.56 which I was caught off side at $0.54 when the market closed. No indication of any aroused interest on news, but just a price chasing impulse buying act of mine during the sudden run up yesterday. Added 5 lots of Lantrovision into permanent holding as the future of this stocks is potentially high and rewarding.

ARC Market Pulse Portfolio
Counter Qty Buying Price Current Price Cost Value
GlobalTest 3000 0.25 0.305 776 915
Acma 8000 0.13 0.15 1066.4 1200
Lantrovis 5000 0.175 0.175 901.5 875

GlobalTest did extremely well whilst Acma managed to make a decent paper profit. Keep energy play out as oil is expected to fall continuously. However, I will be looking out for oil price rebound after the fall to $61 to $63 region to pick up Swiber, Swissco, StraitsResource and Federal to ride on a energy trend. For now, just monitor. ARC Market Pulse Portfolio has a valuation of $2990.00. Cash on hand currently is $2300.00 which totalled to $5290.00 in both cash and equity from a modest $3000 start up investment. Who says you can't start small.

In my long term portfolio perspective: Sembcorp touched $6.00 but ended at $5.90. This stocks will be extremely rewarded in the coming Capricorn effect. Comfortdelgro rebounded to $2.26 amidst fallen crude price.

Added $4000 more into Aberdeen European Fund which I strongly believed will move to the next phase of continuous rally in the coming months. The rest of the funds like Thailand, Korea, Div Advantage has increase in ROI to almost 28% in total.

Any opinion herein is made on a general basis and is not an inducement to trade.

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