Friday, June 8, 2007

Sea Of Red Turning Green Ahead

Straits Time3491.59-54.74(-1.54%)
SENSEX 14063.81-122.37(-0.86%)
UOB Sesdaq 234.00+4.04(+1.76%)
KLSE Comp 1352.39-12.02(-0.88%)
Nikkei 225 17779.09-274.29(-1.52%)
Hang Seng 20509.15-291.01(-1.40%)
Dow Jones 13274.13+7.40(+0.06%)
KOSPI 1727.28-25.76(-1.47%)
SSEC 3913.14+22.33(+0.57%)

STI has been sheding for the past 3 days or so, and it seems that some broking house is calling for the final wave of uptrend or bull market. Personally, I believe the global sentiment is still positive, despite some choppy water caused by some Indices' influence. Considering DJ's past three day of downtrend, everything seems bleak. However, it is actually great Singapore Sale. Well, bargain is everywhere now. Speculative counter unaffected by today's fall as Oculus, Jade, Ban Joo stride on a interesting note.

DJ will almost definitely recover tonight after a few days of falls. STI, Sensex and KLSE will definitely follow suit. Counter to look at will be Jade, as the spike in interest is not known yet. Currently, we already seen some significant Ban Joo and Oculus had on the market. Ban Joo will be likely to move not more than 2 cents whilst Oculus could gapped up further. Although, its news is not much of an impact with regards to the warrant sales but after today's movement, it is believed that there are still accumulation going on.

ARC Market Pulse Portfolio
Really regretted on the sale of Ban Joo at $0.145. Moving on, bought 8 lots Oculus yesterday at $0.165. Also bought 8 lots of Straitsasia at average of $1.35. Although currently closed at $1.33, I am rather certain that Monday's recovery will benefit energy and resource stocks. Also bought 11 lots of Jade at $0.13. Closed GKE Int's contra position at $0.525 at $177 loss.

Counter Qty Buying Price Current Price Cost Value
GlobalTest 3000 0.25 0.245 776 735
Acma 8000 0.13 0.125 1066.4 1000
Occulus 8000 0.165 0.215 1347.2 1720

May consider to hold Oculus but that will depend on how high it will gap on Monday. As for Jade and Straitsasia should be on a speculative basis. Funds left with $50 after deducting the contra loss for GKE Int and the purchase for Oculus with a total stocks value of $3455.00 from the initial $3000 investment for this portfolio.

Long term, Sembcorp and Comfortdelgro gone down together with gravity for the past days. Still looking rigid and positive.

At fund's end, all my holdings including Malaysia, Sg/Malaysia, China, Korea, Thailand and Div Advantage are doing very well and total average of 20% ROI now. Except for India and Indonesia which are slightly in the red. Further downside present an opportunity to average up as emerging gems should break out latest at the end of the year.

Any opinion herein is made on a general basis and is not an inducement to trade.

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