Monday, June 4, 2007

Buying Triggered By SSEC's Weakness

Straits Time3579.35+31.03(+0.87%)
SENSEX 14495.77-74.98(-0.51%)
UOB Sesdaq 218.71+4.82(+2.25%)
KLSE Comp 1360.27+0.20(+0.01%)
Nikkei 225 17973.42+14.54(+0.08%)
Hang Seng 20729.59+126.72(+0.62%)
Dow Jones 13668.11+40.47(+0.30%)
KOSPI 1737.59+21.35(+1.24%)
SSEC 3670.40-330.34(-8.26%)

What a day. SSEC sheded as the rest of the market marched on with joy and cheers. Well, cooling down seems successful but I can presume that SSEC is going to recover tomorrow. STI as well as regional markets are going to rally on a consecutive note. Why is that so, you ask? Because stocks are changing hands after hands. Buying mood had been triggered and everyone is in the mood along side with the dragon's cooling down. Sell in May has gone, June and July going to be hot as its summer. US less likely to rely on crude as it continue to stabilise.

Korea's market upside is momentarily in sight. Take up position while you can as asia is going to take off on a collective note. SSEC is going to recover as the market has throw everything they have on the table for bargain hunters in the west to picked up. Chinese government seems over cooling it while being unaware that it would amounted to an 8% sizzle. Time to rethink and start that engine again.

According to Joseph's cycle, good year since 2004 as the first of seven good years implicate that we have about 4 good years to go. Well, thats a statistically and some say coincidental fact. Well, thats for you to decide.

Let go Yangzijiang today at $1.81 as it begins to correct. Further upside possible but a slight decline on Wednesday could happened as the market have not corrected after a strong performance since last Friday. Still holding on to GKE Int at $0.54. Not intending to purchase it.
ARC Market Pulse Portfolio
Counter Qty Buying Price Current Price Cost Value
GlobalTest 3000 0.25 0.245 776 735
Acma 8000 0.13 0.125 1066.4 1000

Current cash balance is $1600 including the profit from Yangzijiang. A capital increase of approximately of $335 to this small little capital portfolio.

Any opinion herein is made on a general basis and is not an inducement to trade.

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