Tuesday, June 26, 2007

(NEWS) Announcement By Oculus

Announcement out for Oculus: Entered into a framework negotiation for purchasing a power plant in a extremely power hungry country especially when Olympic is around the corner. Yes its China.

Interesting prospect ahead. This is not rocket science, do your own math. China energy related counters do fly literally. Oculus up or down? You decide.

Read on for more details

My take will be a slight gap up to $0.515. Well, I may be wrong.

Interesting counters to look out for is: Jade believed to be going into a property development deal whilst Sunbusiness or Lexicon is bought up with extreme interest. Cybervillage seems being in play too. Probably speculated to be one of the company that will benefit from IR. Let see the buying trend for these few days before rushing things. Music seems to go on for pennies.

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