Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stock Market Jokes

1. Have you ever encountered this before?

During a bull market, you decided to load a stock counter. Immediately after you bought the counter, the bull dies and a bear hugs you from behind. The counter out of the sudden, plummet.

You decided to counter the situation by selling off the counter cutting your loss and at the same time short the counter. Seconds after you have shorted the counter, a bull suddenly charged towards you and the counter started to go up again.

2. What is the definition of a Bull Market?

I have a friend he told me that he had made lots of money from the stock market. He insisted that it is going to be a Capricorn effect (A bull trend during the start of the calender year). I told him that the stock market is way more complex than that. It does not move on a straight line. Not taking the advice, he expectantly lost a great deal through contra trading subsequently.

The definition of a Bull Market is actually a up-going market that will cause investors to mistake themselves as financial genius.

3. Who are brokers?

They are this people who helps you to buy, sell and manage your stock investment needs. They are usually the one who made people broke.

4. Sometime when you made a mistake of buying a certain down-trend stock, you really hope that your broker will one day come up to you, while holding your hands telling you that actually he did not buy that stock for you. Well, we all know that this is not going to happen.

5. Who are institution investors?

They are the people who decides the fate of a stock. If they buys, the stock price is going to rocket. And when they sell, the stock crashed.

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