Monday, September 21, 2009

Is Gold Price At Its Peak?

Currently Gold Spot Price has climbed to an unbelievable level at its currently price at $1006.50. When Gold was at $900 level, many people are already skeptical that it would even go higher, but what happened after that? Not many would have thought that with equities and counters recovering, Gold would even climbed to its current level. The interest in Gold has never seems to die down.

So I guess, it would never hurt to invest in some gold in the form of certificates or even gold coins. Gold coins is one of my favorite because not only the price would most probably appreciate over time, it is also one of the collectibles that collectors around the world would even buy these gold coins at a higher price due to its collectible value.

Moving onwards, I would inclined to believe that Gold spot price will very soon hit $1,100.

The above are of personal opinion and not at all an inducement to trade.


Bisnis Pulsa Murah said...

what a GOLd.great ideas if we invest in gold isn't?

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