Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Crude Is Weighing Very Hard On Market

While the market has entered bear trend and is going downwards, this as opposed to many believes, it has presented very good opportunity to buy low.

Not for the weak heart, stock market is for the braves and the risk takers. It may be a situation of catching a falling knives, but I personally opined that Crude has entered a extreme overbought situation which is attributes by the unrealistic speculation on instability of oil nations and many other supply news. This speculation had propelled traders chasing the crude dollar after dollar which landed it at its extremely all time high. While it is still possible that the crude will end up at $200 per barrel in due course based on the inflation rate we are going, the current movement is too aggressive and fast. It only takes a big holder to let go when locking in profit will cause a panic in commodity crude trading movement. This will spike the markets into a short term bull trend, catching all the shortist by surprise.

Just remember that there is no certainly and market or stock do not move in a straight line. Correction and opposition for a balance is normal and reasonably expected. I think it is time for crude to fall and market attention will go to Asia. Specifically, the Greater China during the on coming Olympics. When sports is concern, we think of one stock and that is China Hongxing, a stock which possess great potential based on market trend and target market.

When crude falls, sectors like shipping equities like Yangzijiang, Cosco, Mercartor (especially Ezra), transport chip like Comfortdelgro or even Industrial stocks like Semb Corp, STA, STE and airline stocks like SIA will be greatly pushed to the roof. And the sell signal will come very soon after when everybody starts to buy and boosting how much they earn in major forums. Well, that is a typical sight and belief by myself.

Not an inducement to trade, everything written as above are of only personal opinion.

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I feel like I've been on the receiving end of a stampeed after reading all this. Not easy focusing with a hangover!

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