Thursday, April 3, 2008

Road To Recovery?

Straits Time3344.53+3344.53(+1.50%)
SENSEX 15832.55+82.15(+0.52%)
UOB Sesdaq 206.88+206.88(+0.00%)
KLSE Comp 1225.58-14.07(-1.13%)
Nikkei 225 13389.90+200.54(+1.52%)
Hang Seng 24264.63+392.20(+1.64%)
Dow Jones 12557.31-48.52(-0.38%)
KOSPI 1763.63+21.44(+1.23%)
SSEC 3446.24+98.36(+2.94%)

Well, as you can see, a V rather than a U is realising as the chart take its shape. Well, for China Hongxing, I would be inclined to believed that it will actually jumped straight from tomorrow's trading session because attributed by China's Bejing 2008, Olympic. Well, China Hongxing is one stock that has the potential to be a monopoly in such a big market like China. If you would agree with me. Yangzijiang will recover somewhat based on what will be the result of DJ tonight, it should end flat as bargain buying meets skeptical profit taking due to the job claim data.

As for sector funds side, Thailand and India is extremely attractive in their current price. Emerging, although India is believed to be slowing down by many major analyst, my feeling is that we should see a great incline in Q2 to Q3. Europe after being sell down to a very low level is current oversold. Buying opportunity present itself very appealing as this giant is waiting wake up the rest of the world, led mainly and essentially by banks.

The above mentioned is based on personal opinion and is not at all, an inducement to trade.

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