Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Recession Or Not?

Straits Time2824.91-8.30(-0.29%)
SENSEX 14994.83+161.37(+1.09%)
UOB Sesdaq 206.88-1.65(-0.79%)
KLSE Comp 0.00+0.00(+0.00%)
Nikkei 225 12482.57+222.13(+1.81%)
Hang Seng 21108.22-758.72(-3.47%)
Dow Jones 12361.32+261.66(+2.16%)
KOSPI 1645.69+22.30(+1.37%)
SSEC 3796.58-7.48(-0.20%)

I believed that we are now reaching the bottoming level of recession in my personal opinion. Because as you can see Wall Street had been getting over gains while the Asian Markets had over reacted and suffered intense loss during the past weeks.

If my sense is right, I believe there will be a sharp up trending which forms a 'V' before going sideways awaiting for market data for more directions. Overall, Asian market is vastly and greatly oversold and especially, China which consist of SSEC and HSI. For a safer diversification, you may want to look at Unit Trust or Funds.

Next week ahead, look out for China Hongxing Sports as Olympic 2008 in Beijing drawing near.

In the respect of funds, Thailand is the most attractive and will believe to emerge.

Pending the result of the rate which will followed by a increase and then a fall before trending upwards in April till May.

Not an inducement to buy. All contents as above are based on personal opinion.

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