Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How Many Actually Survived Last Week's Onslaught?

Straits Time3380.61+21.43(+0.64%)
SENSEX 15017.21+148.96(+1.00%)
UOB Sesdaq 228.30-1.90(-0.83%)
KLSE Comp 1296.48+8.78(+0.68%)
Nikkei 225 16800.05+35.96(+0.21%)
Hang Seng 21891.10+98.39(+0.45%)
Dow Jones 13311.89+72.35(+0.55%)
KOSPI 1849.26+20.77(+1.14%)
SSEC 4820.06+70.69(+1.49%)

Well, market is getting really volatile now with Sub prime woes and credit crunch unsolved. "Longist" that has been making a pile from the market for the past few months had their profit cut or even wipe out.

I would like to share with you the psychological behaviour of an amature investor. They are people whom underestimate the power of TA or technical analysis. Uptrend and downtrend detection. Although some are able to hold but ultimately it will be a scenario of unnecessary baby sitting. Consequently, as of current high-cap is going to be a roller coaster situation now. It thrills you by rebounding, but the rebound will be lower then of their falls. So after charting them, you will ultimately see a declination triangular formations. Pennies are different they are boundless in their interest and speculation making them attractive and profitable for the next few months or so, in my personal opinion.

Jade, LC Dev, Baker Tech, PSC Corp, Stratech, Lottvis, Lantrovis and Global Test will be in focus for the next few weeks at least.

Being very busy for the past weeks therefore had no time to calculate the portfolio. Will do it during my next posting. However, in a nutshell, fund holding with over weighted Asia equities exposure of mine sees a 15% decline to the current ROI of 15%. Outperform for Thailand, India, China and Korea. Especially China as they gear up for Olympics 2008.

Any opinion herein is made on a general basis and is not an inducement to trade.

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