Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is Music Still Going To Be On?

Straits Time3654.61+30.05(+0.83%)
SENSEX 15272.72+180.68(+1.20%)
UOB Sesdaq 290.67+4.28(+1.49%)
KLSE Comp 1384.72+18.70(+1.37%)
Nikkei 225 18238.95+254.81(+1.42%)
Hang Seng 23099.29+290.27(+1.27%)
Dow Jones 13879.37+17.64(+0.13%)
KOSPI 1962.93+53.18(+2.78%)
SSEC 3914.40-1.60(-0.04%)

Progressively, markets have outperform expectation and make many analysts puzzled as to why is this market hype persisting. Well, there might be many factors to this. One of the main push factor might be the revival in DJ's confidence. The other would probably be endless JVs and good news in the pipe line which inadvertently created this euphoric mood.

Looking ahead, I would say there might be a slight correction on Monday. If a big jump in STI again may raise some concern on indigestion, which may cause a greater correction the following day. However, with news coming in, the music is still bound to continue.

ARC Market Pulse Portfolio
Counter Qty Buying Price Current Price Cost Value Profit
GlobalTest 3000 0.25 0.335 776 1005 229
Acma 8000 0.13 0.14 1066.4 1120 53.6
Lantrovis 5000 0.175 0.245 901.5 1225 323.5
Jade 10000 0.2162 0.32 2162 3200 1038
PSC Corp 8000 0.155 0.155 1267.2 1240 -27.2

Well, I have sold LC Dev at $0.49 few days back which find itself rising to $0.65 at one point before ending at $0.61. I have picked up 6 lots of LC Dev at $0.63 on Thursday. I sold because I thought that the hype is over on its potential T3 hotel speculation. Once the resistance was cleared, the upside has been rather strong. I am still deciding on whether of to hold any of this 6 lots.

Anyway, Jade has rocketed, as deliberated on my last post, this was naturally being expected because of its potential as well as many projects and all that in its pipeline. Do look out for Jade's movement because my personal target price will be somewhere in $0.8 region as of now. Lantrovision still a good long term investment due to its good performance and this is not withstanding the potential rights and dividend issue that is believed to be coming up.

Well, the most potential stock from the portfolio to take off will be PSC Corp. After clearing its technical barrier of $0.155 should see a further upside to $0.2 next week. After calculating the gain from the disposal of LC Dev earlier this week sees the cash on hand to be increased to $3500. While the valuation of the portfolio as of now is $7790. Total value is $11,290.00. Quite a good return from the total capital of $8000.

Forget construction, Yongnam and all that, its not going to be in play for the next 2 weeks as market flourished on. Investors are looking for directions from news and performance report. Well, the next stock that will probably be in play with IR contract in speculation should be Cybervillage. Monday opening will be crucial in order to see the potential in-play counters.

Long term wise, my holdings like Sembcorp and Comfortdelgro have not really moved.

On fund's end, the ROI of fund accumulation has hit 26% with Lion Capital Thailand and Lion Capital Korea outperformed at around 29-31%. The recently purchased Aberdeen India has surged to ROI of 3%.

Any opinion herein is made on a general basis and is not an inducement to trade.

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