Friday, April 20, 2007

Overheating Engine Takes A Cool Down

Thursday sell down was soon forgotten as Friday bounced back on a strong session. Many counters that slided on Thursday recovered considerably. Global market looking overheated as Thursday sizzles seems healthy, although those who had joined in the panic selling would not be very encouraged. Those holding on to CFD account are waiting for sell down so that they could get a piece of 'short' from the market. Looks like the shortist are not going to have fun as market indexes around the world especially Asia is going to uncharted region.

Positive sentiment, higher profits and new ecomonic hope and ever appearing catalysts amid Iran uncertainties.

Pennies in focus. Up next week, still in play will be Lottvis. Just how high is high for this baby? You would ask. I guess the new term TP should be nothing less than $1. Other stocks in store next week, Rowsley (Similiar to Lottvis in business nature), Freightlink and Eagles. In the higher price tag's end, Jiutian and Hongguo may break further height as strong hands seems holding tight on positive climate, especially after a big market sizzle on Thursday.

Long term wise, Rotary is rather stagnant, so I took profit today. Sembcorp is still holding strong just below $5, next wave should come in two weeks. Stable stocks to look at is HG Metal, Comfortdelgro and STX PO. Just have to look at how market open on Monday which is most probably a 'green' day. Comfortdelgro seems to have break away from crude price's movement these days and is going upwards.

Any opinion herein is made on a general basis and is not an inducement to trade.

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